Blesbok and Waterbok

At Intu Afrika we strive the make the Wildlife Reserve the most unique to be found in the Kalahari Desert.

With the arrival of two new species we are again one step closer of making your safari experience at Intu Afrika Kalahari Reserve truly unique!!

Our Kalahari Reserve is now the home to a family of ten Waterbok and six Blesbok antelopes.

The Waterbok or Waterbuck is easily recognised by  its red-brown skin and a white”bib” under their throat. But the most “outstanding” feature of the Waterbuck most certainly is the white ring on its behind or as some of the Namibian tourguides call it: the print of a toilet-seat. With the waterbok only the male carry horns.

The Blesbok is another endemic antelope species of Souther Africa and is recognisable by the white face and white forehead. That is also the link to its name as Bless is the Afrikaans word for Blaze, like the blaze of a horse, which is a white spot on the forehead of a horse. Both sexes of blesbok carry horns.